Heli Mistry
This is 5-6 mins walk from 14th union square, its a tiny store, there is no indoor seating available. It was not crowded when i went in there, the service was quick and really nice! Was out with my bubble tea in 5-6 mins. The price is reasonable not expensive for a medium size it costed me $8. Which is not bad atall. Should visit, there is something different here than usual
Sunny Xiao
i love pa tea and they make me very happy . lots of good flavors and they never miss
Maritza Ramos
great place and really nice cashier! Had to wait a few minutes for boba since we came right at opening but the ambiance of the place is a pleasure to wait in. will be coming back whenever I'm around that area
Small & cute bubble tea café with vegan options!
Andrew Wong
My favorite place in the city to get rose milk tea! The floral notes of the rose came out well, along with a strong tea flavor. Liked it so much I went twice in the same week. Would recommend 50% sugar (default). If you bring a student id you can get 5% off your order.
Angela Choquette
The tea here is really, really good. You can taste the tea flavor (like they actually brew tea as opposed to using powders). If you order a matcha they whisk it fresh on the spot. The boba are sweet and not hard or mushy. You can customize the ice and sugar levels. This is now my favorite tea spot in the city. Incidentally it's owned by the same people as Bar Pa Tea!
Gloria C
Lovely bubble tea place nested amongst other bubble tea shops. They have sizes 16oz, 24oz and 26oz (which comes in the cutest chubby cup!). The staff is friendly and the store quaint, but very small, so definitely more of a takeout place. Also there are cute little post its covering the walls, so you can add your bubble tea inspired art to the collection.
Farin Chowdhury
Loved the smell of tapioca after entering that shop. Bubble teas are great- they have different flavours, bubbles, jellies. The staff is nice. The interior is kind of "cute" and interesting. Ask for less ice or no ice, or they will fill half of the cup with ice. And also ask for their card to fill in stamps every time you buy something. After collecting 9 stamps , you get a free drink.